Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vunavagum Kaanum Velli Vizha!

Thamizhs spread all over the globe safe keep not only their culture
but also their culinary traits.With mushrooming of many restaurants &
hotels not only in Tamilnadu,but overseas,the delicacy delights
doesn't confine to one restaurant of excellence.Like sub specialities
& super specialities in all professions,cuisine technology is
expanding to the gastronomic demands & expectations of all.

With varieties of Idli,Dosa,Parata & Salad bars.A complete or a
comprehensive serving of all the gourmet items will soon become a
"luxury of the past".At this point,a simple beginning for Hotel
Saravana Bhavan(HSB) in Chennai has laid strong & deep roots in its
base & spread to countries in the West(USA,UK & Canada),Middle
East(UAE & Oman) & South East Asia(Malaysia & Singapore).Today(14th
Dec'05) on account of the start of their Silver Jubilee
year,(1981),HSB are opening two branches(Mylapore & Dubai,UAE).Despite
the multitude of vegetarian restaurants,the above establishment has
endeavoured to remain true to its high quality,which will always be a
credit to its well wisher(Late Thiru Kirupaananda Vaariyar).Visit for further details about HSB.

"Pazhum Theli Thaennum Paagum Paruppum,Ivai
Naaloom Kalanthu Vunakku Naan Tharuvaen-Kolam Sei
Thunge Karimugathu Thoomaniye Nee Enakku
Sange Thamizh Moondroom Thaa."Nalvazhi-Avvaiyar.



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