Sunday, December 25, 2005

தமிழில் பரிசோதனை அஞ்சல்


தமிழ் பிரிஸ்பேன் வலைப்பதிகை நண்பர்களுக்கு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vunavagum Kaanum Velli Vizha!

Thamizhs spread all over the globe safe keep not only their culture
but also their culinary traits.With mushrooming of many restaurants &
hotels not only in Tamilnadu,but overseas,the delicacy delights
doesn't confine to one restaurant of excellence.Like sub specialities
& super specialities in all professions,cuisine technology is
expanding to the gastronomic demands & expectations of all.

With varieties of Idli,Dosa,Parata & Salad bars.A complete or a
comprehensive serving of all the gourmet items will soon become a
"luxury of the past".At this point,a simple beginning for Hotel
Saravana Bhavan(HSB) in Chennai has laid strong & deep roots in its
base & spread to countries in the West(USA,UK & Canada),Middle
East(UAE & Oman) & South East Asia(Malaysia & Singapore).Today(14th
Dec'05) on account of the start of their Silver Jubilee
year,(1981),HSB are opening two branches(Mylapore & Dubai,UAE).Despite
the multitude of vegetarian restaurants,the above establishment has
endeavoured to remain true to its high quality,which will always be a
credit to its well wisher(Late Thiru Kirupaananda Vaariyar).Visit for further details about HSB.

"Pazhum Theli Thaennum Paagum Paruppum,Ivai
Naaloom Kalanthu Vunakku Naan Tharuvaen-Kolam Sei
Thunge Karimugathu Thoomaniye Nee Enakku
Sange Thamizh Moondroom Thaa."Nalvazhi-Avvaiyar.